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One of the most frightening times in a person’s life is when he or she is sentenced to prison. This is an unknown place and all sorts of tales – most of them bad – are floating around. This is the time when a person needs the guidance of someone who has been there before – someone who knows first hand the fear that rests in your stomach like a burning ball of fire.

Knowing what to expect and knowing what to do is the only way to lessen this fear. Sure, it is still going to be frightening but being told what to expect and what to do will make this transition from the “free world” to prison life much easier. It is the goal of “Surviving in Prison” to educate and inform the client as well as his or her family and loved ones as to what to do and who to contact when there is a problem. This service is designed for the client as well as his or her circle of supporters because, in a real sense, a family with a person in prison is also in prison. The means of confinement may be different but none-the-less, it is still prison.

To reach this goal we will visit the person while he or she is still in jail waiting to be transferred to prison. Our preference is the take the client’s Defense Lawyer with us on this visit so he can be there to answer any questions that the client may have. We will tell the client how to survive in prison. We will teach the client every aspect of prison life. We will begin with the client going through the state-ready process and entrance into the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

We will cover the diagnostic process, each interview in that process, and what to know about the interviews. We educate the client on the rules of prison and how to do time the right way in order to make parole at the earliest possible date.

Who We Are

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